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Regardless of whether you are a beginner or have already completed several surfing courses, our team of surfing instructors, who have been active for many years, will support you during the surfing course with a lot of passion and commitment, in white water or in the green waves. Your coaches are very familiar with the conditions in the Algarve and will find the ideal spot for you every day.


Courses for all levels
and every age.


Very experienced, well-rehearsed team of  instructors.


Transfer to the best surf spot of the day.

Surfkurs an der Algarve


We offer surfing courses for beginners as well as for surfers with different previous knowledge.


The lessons take place from Monday to Friday. One course is a maximum of eight people documented so that your surf coach can address each individual individually. The practical lessons are supplemented by theoretical basics.


In the morning you will be taken with our surf vans to the beaches that offer the best conditions for you. The courses are each divided into two units. In the morning, exercises to improve your skills with the board and the waves will be carried out under professional guidance. After a break, what has been learned is intensified.


Lessons may vary depending on conditions.



Our international surf instructor team consists of experienced and licensed surf instructors who are very familiar with the conditions in the Algarve and who find the best beaches for you to practice on every day. With a lot of empathy and commitment, they will surely get you on the board.


In the beginner training you will be introduced to surfing in sensibly structured learning steps and can build up your skills step by step and develop an understanding of the new element.


Have you already gained some experience surfing, but don't feel confident on the board yet? Then ours is intermediate course exactly the right thing for you.


Starting an unbroken wave and riding it sideways is no longer a problem for you? Then ours is advanced course a good opportunity to work on your style and your turns.

Advanced Surfkurs Algarve
Kinder Surfkurs Algarve


For families with children we also offer ages 6 to 11 children's or family courses. These courses are specifically designed to introduce kids to surf in a safe and entertaining way. Children under 12 years need a little more attention.


To provide this important individual attention and a safe and caring atmosphere, lessons are held in small groups with one surf instructor plus one supervisor for every six children. Of course, the lessons also take into account that kids have the ability to learn to surf faster, easier and in a completely different way than adults.


The courses take place either in the morning or afternoon with two hours in the water. Surfboard, suit and transfer from Burgau are included in the course. 

Kids & Family


We also attach great importance to quality when it comes to our material. We only use professional training material for the surf courses.


For beginners we use softboards and Malibus, which provide a lot of security, especially at the beginning. Experienced surfers have a wide range of hardboards to choose from. Special children's boards are available for the children's courses.

To ensure that the fun on the water is not spoiled, each course participant also receives their own surfing suit as well as their own surfboard to keep them warm.

Surfschule an der Algarve

Beach, waves and a bed right by the sea are waiting for you.

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